Truetone Visual Volume
Truetone Visual Volume

Visual Volume, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Truetone in the V2 series.

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Truetone Visual Volume : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a PDAL Stereo Volume pedals. But that ...

- Rocking crmaillre
- 2 / 2 out
- Silent tuner output
- Active / passive mode for each between
- Boost adjustable for each input, active mode
- LED light tmoins volume
- Universal expression pedals
- 9V power sector

The usual default volume pedals is an acute loss of lgre same volume. The reason is simple: it is precisely Resistors variable is used to control the volume. Ms. "without" Resistors, a small loss of volume is dplorer. In addition, this loss is more important as and as one decreases the volume. To overcome this problem, Visual Sound uses a buffer (or Line Driver) rle which is to transform the signal of the high impdance bass guitar signal impdance. The signal is then less prone to losses. This is the "active" mode.

A futuristic, pedals a solid, well built and well finished.


It is a volume pedals! Therefore not difficult to use.

As against the possibilities are numerous, so be sure to read the manual:
- It is possible to connect between a (mono) and get a Stereo output
- It is possible to connect two inputs: Stereo or 2 instruments DIFFERENT!
- For each entry you can opt for the passive or active mode (with buffer)
- For each enter into active mode, it is possible to adjust the gain (boost)
- With a Y-cable (1 Stereo jack of a ct and two mono jacks on the other), the pedals becomes a universal expression pedals!

What could be better?

Except that switches the active / passive and CONTRL gain are INSIDE the pedals. To accder it is necessary to disassemble the pedals! Not practical!

For the rest of the scale is sensitive, and progressive prcise.
The LED can taken from the volume prcise Manir trs, trs useful with the boost.


It is a volume pedals and boost transparency. Done its rle.


This is an excellent volume pedals. Complte, original, practical, efficient and futuristic look.
A must.
Its price? 140 euros. Facing an Ernie Ball, the report qualitprix is ​​good.