Truetone Visual Volume
Truetone Visual Volume

Visual Volume, Volume Pedal for Guitar/Bass from Truetone in the V2 series.

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Jamy76 12/15/2013

Truetone Visual Volume : Jamy76's user review

«  An ultra compact pedal, the clean, powerful sound »

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Value For Money : Excellent
2 independent overdrive channels can be used simultaneously, 2 different colors and a filter "Sharp / Blunt" acting as a compression, this gives all the variations possible signal distortion: it's rock, it's pop, it's metal, it's blues, it's electronic! Recalling the natural hot saturation distortion produced by a tube cicuit for Jekyll. Thicker distortion, excavating or inflate thanks to the potentiometer "MID" for Hyde.

Settings: Canal Jekyll: drive, tone, theft, bass boost on / off - Hyde channel: drive, tone, mid, theft, sharp / blunt.


The settings are very simple because each potentiometer and switch
have an obvious effect on the sound
Jekyll side is an overdrive that can resolve the small slight crunch to a
Distorted very rich and oily.
The HYDE side is intended for solos party. It can be set to have a very aggressive sound thanks to the switch sharp (sharp in French) or blunt side much more fluted and warm
And what good is that you can choose the Jekyll side or HYDE or 2 together which allow very rich and various mixtures


I try with a Line 6 Variax guitar that models are all legendary guitars: Les Paul, SG, Firebird, ES 335 ES 175 Rickenbacker, Strat, Tele, Jaguar..etc and a Fender Bassman 12 4x "dropoff window
The sound is absolutely gorgeous and clean but when the gain is thoroughly balloons
I also try with a standard ESP eclipse 1 EMG 81 and 60 (Jap model)
This pedal responds perfectly to different attacks such pick a lamp pedal
I also try with a LTD VIPER (Korean) with pickups Seymour Duncan SH4 JB and 59
This is an all mahogany guitar with ebony touce and versatile sound. I used this time a less luxurious amp that the Peavey Classic 30.
No problem: the sound delivered by the pedals are always as effective as it is for big sound the metal hot blues and rock between.


I have totally bought 2 because I want to be able to place them in various locations in my long effects chain, experienced and always find new subtle tones.
Undoubtedly one of the best market price value for a pedal too kid 2 cannaux with lots of knobs and really intuitively switch adjustable and very strong because in addition to 2 years of use my first J & H n I ' I had no concern for failure or wear of the hull.
A must have for less than 160 €