Truetone Angry Fuzz
Truetone Angry Fuzz

Angry Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Truetone in the V2 series.

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millezotla 10/13/2011

Truetone Angry Fuzz : millezotla's user review

«  Fuzz rod this little gem! »

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Fuzz and Octave, 3 knobs and a switch. Simple!
For level 1, one for a gain of fuzz and a rate of one for the octave.
True analog bypass.


Some examples of adjustments to the manual, but the manual is useless.


Waaa! I already had in Dallas. The Visual Sound is a killer. No bzzz I gain on the Dallas thoroughly. The fuzz is used throughout the range of 1 to 10. Sounds as good at low gain and background, hummm, miamiam. For the octave, I did not really careful, as a mixture, like a lot, but not yet enough experience of it. The effect is very good bright.
Very good Fuzz. Warm wishes.


I just buy it. I find it very very good. I experiment and I post!