Truetone Angry Fuzz
Truetone Angry Fuzz

Angry Fuzz, Fuzz pedal from Truetone in the V2 series.

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Truetone Angry Fuzz : Anonymous 's user review

«  Misunderstood, I think til, and yet ... »

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See previous opinion. An analog pedal, period.
A volume
A dose of madness of the Fuzz
Injector 1 octave (full of nothing at all)
A switch or not to clarify the sound.
Fat pedal heavy, especially high, with an ornate background which complicates the implementation in a pedal board (well chosen where to paste the scracth)
Solid construction at Panzer


Config extremely simple, while being a matter of strength and proportions between the three controls (volume off), and there are, the versatility of combinations!
I think there is a manual for config type: some trends we quickly discover, is refined after.


I love the sound of fuzz actually quite easy to master. It is not at all like a Fuzz Factory Musikding kit I bought and installed, and that is totally uncontrollable. The Angry Fuzz, it plays WITH the musician, not alone in his corner by his life on your pedal board.
Testing, I find that the "injection octaver" is more expressive and / or demonstrative behind microphones simple as double. It may still be a little disappointed because the effect is not obvious on a single note. on the other hand, once one takes two to follow or at the same time, it becomes elastic and much more psychedelic.
For proof, the U.S. video:

The switch to clairfier sound, it is 100% operational, you can believe me!


I lost myself like an idiot my Big Muff from 1978 in a move, and I have long wanted that sound. In just less creamy and more in just right, the Angry Fuzz reminds me a lot my old BM. Certainly it is less overwhelming, less fluent, but my tastes have also changed little (and then honestly, nothing in what I hear in the BM current can not remember my old, as if the icon had been betrayed).
Purchased on the Bay in a U.S. site for a small and very round € 100 all inclusive (the harbor too, and no customs fees), I do not regret my choice at all, unlike a EHX LMB I sold after not having played for an hour, or the Fuzz Factory which Musikding pionce on a shelf and that may end one day by stalling it when she's too tired.
Methinks this Fuzz Visual Sound Angry or not, it will be a long way under my right foot.