pierrelaforge 02/23/2009

Truetone H2O : pierrelaforge's user review


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Same characteristics except that the V1 2-3 details:
- Slightly smaller format, raised rear to protect the knobs
- Upgraded footswitches (supposed to resist any longer)
- Added a switch norm / hush for the chorus.

It has a chorus and an analog echo / delay up to 800ms (not exactly a delay, we will see later) analog-digital.

9 / 10, it would have been nice to put an additional footswitch enables / disables the two effects at once, and a stereo output (here we have an effective wet exit and an exit Dry void) .. . But hey, I do my difficult.


The use is very intuitive ... RAS.


On clean sounds, the sound of this pedal is superb: you get a sound liquid, syrupy, rich & warm. For the arpeggio is the ideal, we forget to play disto!

On overdrive: the echo works fine, we get a delay typed "vintage" sound with a little deaf & quite round the Gilmour / Floyd a bit.

Of the leads: the echo also works well, but beware, it will not suit all uses. For example Malmsteen playing with a big delay very present in the foreground, we prefer a 100% digital delay (Boss or Digitech). There was a delay in the background, beautiful and very hot, but discreet & vintage.

10/10 for clean sounds (magnifiques!!)
9 / 10 for the overdrive
8 / 10 for leads
Average Rating = 9 / 10


Super pedal to the musical styles "softs" (Police / Dire Straits / Pink Floyd), it excels especially for clean sounds & the crunches / overdrive. The sounds are warm & round. 10/10 for that then.

For the big rock and big leads very powerful, the delay does not necessarily agree, to try. I put 8 / 10 at all, because the pedal is not necessarily ultra-versatile.