-Livingroom- 04/29/2014

Truetone H2O : -Livingroom-'s user review

«  a beautiful chorus »

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It is in the same box analog chorus and digital delay. It works by jack for guitar. is analog, so not editable. I did not notice the nuances of sound with v1, if not the lush knob which will be discussed.


three knobs for each effect, nothing to cry foul :) if there is a switch to make "long" delays (it's still short, you expect to 30seconds delay, he's a echo in the mind ) or short slapback kind. And another that changes the chorus into a kind of tri-chorus, basically it increases the depth.

We do not get lost in the settings, and the sound comes easily!


effects are effective, the chorus is distinctive and very beautiful, you can get kind leslie effects, it is very "aquatic" in mind. This is only for guitar, with a low all the charm of a chorus is lost. pushed in, all right, this is the reign of noise and experimental.

As for the delay in slapback is a treat, it is very warm.


This is very typical so it will not please everyone, but at least it has an identity and a warmth not found elsewhere. V2 V1 is like this little switch and more, it's expensive, but it is the price of quality (even in secondhand found easily). Today I'm using more than in the studio, but it saves me a rack for the same sound made.