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Thread readWelcome to the FMA : Failed Musicians AnonymousGo directly to the latest post[The Gentleman's Lounge]20TheStratGuy1840903/30/2011 05:17
by 8.5
Thread readA complete newbie needs a lot of advice!Go directly to the latest post[Getting Started]11bigcleverturnip1001802/20/2011 09:47
by steeltropics1
Thread readWhere are you from??Go directly to the latest post[The Gentleman's Lounge]92manowar2173311/29/2010 23:22
by cochise66
Thread readPut your songs up !!!Go directly to the latest post[Getting Started]30funkifizied1367910/18/2010 19:22
by lida44692
Thread readAlesis 6FX or Behringer UB802, hmmm[Recording & Mixing]5Jes_en180807/26/2010 09:37
by frosty1977
Thread readLooking for opinions on Behringer MixersGo directly to the latest post[Recording & Mixing]16spyder772404/04/2009 09:30
by BlindSummit_DJ
Thread readwhat Do I Need For My Bass Guitar?!?!?!?[Bass Guitars]4BassGirl1818461112/31/2008 05:39
by johnny227
Thread readTotal beginner here needing some help[Getting Started]4jjsegarty147205/05/2008 13:46
by cdanddvdpublisher
Thread readMastering Live Band CD[Recording & Mixing]7LiverAndBacon205210/08/2007 21:26
Thread readAlesis sr-16 won't save... I must be making some really bad patterns[Sound Techniques]5cafe noir274008/15/2007 09:14
by Daguitar
Thread readHow to connect the electric guitar thru the sound card[Getting Started]3agateryon51607/30/2007 22:31
by bdmindz
Thread readplease some help on elec guit recording[Guitars]2Anubis443107/18/2007 02:17
by rocksure
Thread readAnother M audio moblie pre problem[M-Audio Mobilepre Usb]6jus_en191205/05/2007 11:45
by muso_jojo
Thread read[b]URGENT HELP NEEDED[/b] Connecting Soundcard to a Mixer[Getting Started]9Chocboy87904/29/2007 20:56
by Slickaudio
Thread readNeed help to record my bass guitar[Electric Basses]5geraldine.levalai432604/10/2007 10:39
by brking
Thread readHow do you record your guitar?Go directly to the latest post[Guitars]47Krowms6616802/08/2007 01:40
by guitarriffz
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