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M-Audio Mobilepre Usb
M-Audio Mobilepre Usb

USB audio interface from M-Audio belonging to the MobilePre series

Thread Another M audio moblie pre problem

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1 Another M audio moblie pre problem
So I bought it today, plug it in and install the drivers and everything perfectly, and then at the end when ti tells me to now plug it in, I plug it in and windows comes up with one of the "New Hardware Wizard" and says that it needs a driver (didn't I just install it?). So I go through the wizard and it says it found a driver for it (d:/winnt/drivers/usb.inf) and it starts to install, and then says there was a problem with the install and it will be canceled. No matter what I do it brings me back to the same thing. I have tried everything me and Koorosh(the tech support gy that talked me through things for almost an hour) that I thought could even possibly be the problem. So I'm SOL, and I'm looking for something, someone to help me. I was heavily debating buying the thing in the first play since I was tight on money(no job for 5 weeks starting today), btu I did anyway and I get it up the ass.

I've got windows 2000 and all the newest drivers and everything, if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I ahev two harddrives (and maybe it is installed on the wrong harddrive, I don't know)

So please, give me whatever you can, I'll love you forever.

I would uninstall the Mobile Pre software, unplug it, go to the Device Manager and remove everything (including the USB hubs).

Restart with nothing plugged in and then reinstall everything.
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Quote: I would uninstall the Mobile Pre software, unplug it, go to the Device Manager and remove everything (including the USB hubs).

Restart with nothing plugged in and then reinstall everything.

Been there done that at least 6 times, I've tried everything I could even think of might have been close to being something to do with it. I'm desperate for something. If you've got even the slightest feeling it could be something jsut throw it out there. I'm getting VERY frustrated, and tech support is closed until monday, which isn't helping. there could be a homocide soon.
A couple of ideas:

EXACTLY does the error say?

If you plug a thumb drive (or camera or mp3 player) into the same USB port, does it work?

Also, I'd be curious to know if that "usb.inf" file is a MAudio file or a Windows file. Go to it and check out the properties and see who wrote it. Once you figure out whose driver it is, make sure you can get another copy of it (Windows disk or MAudio), then delete it manually and replace it from disk or whatever. It might be corrupt.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
"an erroroccured during the installation of the device.

The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for the driver instance."

The usb.inf is a windows file. I'll check microsoft.com to see if theres another one I can download, thanks for the ideas.

yea; \winnt\ usb.inf is definately a windows/ms driver; thats not the one you want installed there.

My advice is to go through the installation process, do whatever m-audio want you to do; which will set up the programs (mixer exe etc) and then plug in your card; windows should pop that dialogue up.

have a look on the CD for the actual .inf file (i.e. the driver) It may be in a folder neatly labled driver\2000\ like it was for my audiophile, or it might be inside a .cab file (compressed archive for setup.exe's to use.)

if thats the case, you can either use winrar to open it (it'll be called data.cab or simmelar) extract to a folder and dig the inf driver out of there, OR run the setup program until the very end stage, get it to install everything but make sure it doesnt exit, and then have a look through your temp files for any .inf's while setup is still running. either way what you're trying to acheive here is to get your m-audio driver in instead of the one that it wants to install. go for the "install from a specific location" rather than the auto-scan for driver. If you find the .inf file but can't get it to install from specific location, then find it in an explorer window, right click and hit 'install' - and if that doesnt work, the only other thing I can suggest Is that you try get the latest version of your motherboard's USB hub drivers from the net.

A friend of mine had issues with USB and his mobile soundcard (it was m-audio aswell) and we've come to the conclusion that it is because his motherboard is too old; it was working fine until he had to downgrade to an old mobo. so, If yours is an old motherboard you might want to grab some tissues because we've been trying to fix his for weeks. no chance of it happening; usb is something that was brought out before it was entirely perfect and he's going to have to get another motherboard...
hi, need help. i got an "M-Audio USB Audiophile" and "REASON 2.5". installed it, re-install it, and again(M Audio). Cuz the sound disappear every after 10 min approx. i don't know what to do. help please......