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Thread Welcome to the FMA : Failed Musicians Anonymous

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1 Welcome to the FMA : Failed Musicians Anonymous
You still can't play the piano properly after 10 years spent practising your scales daily?

You've claimed for years that you willingly restrictred your guitar play to only power chords in order to sound MEANER, while the awful truth is you just can't play barred chords properly?

During your last gig there were more people backstage than in the audience?

After 5 years spent on stage at all the karaoke bars and clubs in your area, your fan club is still limited to its 3 founding members: you, your mother, your (girl/boy)friend and your favorite pet? ( :?!: wait, that should be 4... hey, who's just deserted!?)

You never caught the "amp goes to 11" joke in Spinal Tap but were too ashamed to ever ask?

Everytime you come across a guitar tabs site you call the NASA to signal strange meaningless chains of characters which might provide from a hacking of their servers?

...worse still, you think that only British amps have tubes? that a pickguard is a defensive player who's just been drafted? that a real estate agent is the best possible person to give you advice about home studios? that 12AX7 and 6L6 are the two droids in Star Wars? You think that BPMs can be converted into jpeg? You spend more time on the internet reading stupid topics like this one while you know you should be practicing!? You have answeres "yes" (or, even worse, you've blushed) at one of the above questions? Ask no further, you ARE indeed a failed musician!

Yet, don't panic! Now this meeting group is here to help you get out of what is after all only a transition stage (or, is it?): here, we are among us and we can share our anecdotes, "Idées reçues" (as they say in French), reflections (or lack thereof) and so on...

:oops2: Well, OK, so I start:

"My name is TheStratGuy, and I am a failed musician"...

:oops: Er, now, it's your turn... :bravo:
His name is The Strat Guy, he's a failed musician, but not totally anonymous... :P:
The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye/The story of Love is just hello and goodbye/Until we meet again (Jimi Hendrix)

Off topic: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hopefully no one'll notice! :volatil:

Suscribed !! :lol:

I definitely fit in the FMA :oops:

Quote: You think that BPMs can be converted into jpeg?

You should have said seconds instead of jpeg in loving memory of Kapam
Btw, i'm an FM too. :oops2:
May the Forest be with you
Come on, don't be shy, there must be more of us! :bravo2:
Me too :oops:

Off topic: I wonder if there is really non-french people in this forum :8O:

I don't think of it as having failed. I'm just very selective in my success. :8)
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Does it count to put one's self in the failed category when life gets in the way of playing so much that you almost need to re-learn everything that you knew?
Frankly!?... yes, it sure does! :mrg: