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Thread How to connect the electric guitar thru the sound card

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Topic How to connect the electric guitar thru the sound card
OK i just bought a jackson warrior but i have no amplifier yet :rolleyes: and i would like to know if it is possible to connect it to my computer without an amplifier. The sound card is a audigy 2. I'e connected it to the sound card alreay but i have no idea how to make the guitar make some sound at all lol.

Thanks for the help
you could get an adaptor for the guitar's 1/4" jack to the sound card's line-in's 1/8" jack. you could get that at RadioShack or some small electronics store for cheap. Then after that, you'll just need a sound recording software, SoundForge, Cubase, etc to record in wave. (windows sound recorder won't cut it). and then you have to make sure the line in is selected as the sound input by going into your Volume Controls, in Options, Properties, Recording, OK, then put the checkmark in the line-in column, and adjust the volume. Just don't hook it up to the microphone jack. And you're all set for direct instrument/pc recording :)
Getting an adapter and hooking up to your line in is not going to work very well- if at all. The guitar signal is not a line level signal (different impedences).

Try a cheap modelling box like the Behringer VAmp-

About $69 street price. This thing is MADE for hooking your guitar into a computer.
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will it damage the sound card if i plug it in the microphone jack?