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Thread Total beginner here needing some help

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1 Total beginner here needing some help

I am intrested in recording some music at home, but im starting completly from the start. I dont know what I need to buy but I do know how to use cuebase and I have a copy of that now although i cant actually record anything yet; could someone help me with what i need to buy to record: guitar, vocals, bass, and drums (not at the same time) and if possable how they all connect together.


For guitar, vocals, and bass, all you need is a decent computer, an audio interface, and a decent mic. And some software of course. What you need depends on what your goal is. Tracks to play to? Demos for fun and friends? Demos to get work? Demos to get a record or publishing deal? What you need all depends.

I suggest you do some searches on the web to educate yourself to the basics of the process, and then think about what you want to accomplish and how you want to work.
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Ok, my idea is to do a demo to get a record or something like that, any ideas? I have a guitar, a mic and an amp; a decent computer and I can save some money to get what it needs, any ideas?
Well if you have a good enough computer, you should use it for recording. -

so you'll need to get a sequencer (virtual studio) like Sonar, Cubase, Audition etc.

- and you'll probably need a sound card/audio interface. you might be able to get some ok results by going into your computers soundcard, but it's better to get a soundcard/audio interface that has good convertors, good drivers (for latency and stability), and the right connections.
Just wanted to follow up the last poster and say that getting the right soundcard is key; most computers just don't have what it takes to give you the right sound.