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Thread Looking for opinions on Behringer Mixers

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1 Looking for opinions on Behringer Mixers
I am looking into buying a cheaper mixer for simplistic recording of my drums to my mac, for home recreational use only.

I am looking at the Behringer UB-1204FX and the UB1204. Is it worth getting spending the extra few bucks and getting the fx? or does the built in fx suck on these mixers?

also... any opinions on the sound quality of these mixers???

I own two fo the Behringer mixers. The FX are so-so. I don't think they're worth it unless you have no other effects, in which case they are better than nothing.

So far as mixers go, like I said, I own two of them- a PMX2000 powered mixer for my live rig and a UB1622 for my studio. IMHO, they are about the best bang for the buck out there. The sound is good, the construction is decent, the price is super.
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wow, thanks for the quick reply.

how is it for noise... it says ultra low noise.. does it stay true to the name?
will this mixer be enough inputs for me?
I am planning on mixing up a 5 piece kit, with a Roland SPD-S sampler..
should be cool, and still enough leftover for other uses... guitar... singer... etc..

what would be your suggestion on the mic setup?
bass/snare/overhead mic..or would you suggest a different setup?

I think you need a bigger mixer. This one will leave you very little room to expand. I am not very experienced a micing drum kits in a studio environment, but, as a minimum, I would say you need a kick, snare, and a stereo pair overhead. That will eat all the mic inuts on this board, and there are only two stereo pairs. So I would suggest a bigger board. I just bought a UB 1622 just for my home studio, and I don't do live drums....

The Berhinger stuff is fairly low noise and transparent- especially for the price range.
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the price has dropped on behringer mixers.. sweet..so the options i have are:

(Canadian Prices)

I am really looking at dumping the extra cash into the 2222 since it has 8 mic pre-amps... do you this is a wise decision?? I am hopefully going to be using:

1x bass mic
1x snare mic
2x overhead mics
(maybe tom mics)

plus extra inputs for guitar, or other mics.
Look on the net for meckie mixer. I have it. It's very good but I don't about the prices.
I have been recordin with a Behringer analog mixer for years. Though I'd stay away from the models with the built in effects, their mixers are really decent for a price that can't be beat.
Recently bought a Behringer SL3242FX-Pro and a Fostex VF80ex and I could not be happier with the results of the Behringer. I use Cubase SX to do the final work.

I did a lot of research around the forums and mags before buying the Behringer and I am happy to say it does "exactly what is says it can do in the brochures". Very easy to use and the results that I end up with in the pc to work with take HALF the amount of time they used to as the SL3242 gives me LOADS of options to play with before I send a track to the pc.

I have read a lot of negative press from some "pros" about Behringer using cheap parts etc. I have to say that a lot of this comes across as "elitism" IMHO. I have used Behringer mixers in the past (a MX108A way back when...) and now the new one. They have stacked up against anything else my friends in the business have and in most cases have exceeded them. At a price that is very easy on the budget.

My opinion, Behringer are great mixers. Go get 'em.
Do any of the Behringer mixers have direct tape outs for each I/0 strip?

The purpose of the direct outs on the channel strips is to be able to record multiple sources (instruments, vocals, a whole band) at at the same time to individual tracks on a multiple input recording device. Very handy if you want to record a band and then be able to tweak each instrument individually and add effects as part of the mixing process. Then you use the Main or Aux outputs of the board to drive the monitor mix for the band.

Many mixers (including Behringer, but I don't remember which model) have either direct outs or channel inserts that can be used as direct outs on the channel strips.
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