Eventide Guitar multi-effects Eventide Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar
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Eventide Multi-Effects for Electric Guitar user reviews

  • Eventide H9 Max

    Eventide H9 Max - "Likely the best stompbox ever with more sounds than you ever could use"


    OVERALL IMPRESSION: The H9 Max is not an inexpensive piece of gear at $699 USD, but the quality of technology and number of sounds is staggering for this stereo in and stereo out stomp-box (including full MIDI capabilities, built-in tuner and 9v 500…

  • Eventide Modfactor

    Eventide Modfactor - "Mod this"


    Eventide is known for their great sounding rack units for the studio and now are getting even more popular with the masses because of their great sounding and user friendly foot pedals. They have really done a great job building these pedals for the …

  • Eventide Modfactor

    Eventide Modfactor - "Great modulation effects"


    Eventide has recently set out to make some of the best stomp box pedals out there in the guitar world, and this is part of the series of four pedals they created. The pedal features various different choruses, tremolos, flangers, filters, vibratos, …

  • Eventide Eclipse

    Eventide Eclipse - "Eventide's 1U Effects Processor"


    The Eventide Eclipse is a new effects processor aimed towards guitarists. It's a somewhat slimmed down Eventide compared to the huge monsters we're used to seeing, but it's actually more powerful than some of the older, bigger boxes. It includes ne…

  • Eventide Eclipse

    Eventide Eclipse - mooseherman's review


    This is a digital rack unit. It can't be edited through a computer. This effects unit is a combination of reverb, delay, harmonizer/octavizer, vibrato, chorus, phaser, flanger, and almost any other effect except for distortion. There is no MIDI conne…

  • Eventide Modfactor

    Eventide Modfactor - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Jack.bass/translated from Audiofanzine FR) I was looking for a comprehensive modulation pedal and I thought Eventide would be the best of the best. 10 modulation effects covering all my needs. UTILIZATION This is t…

Translated user reviews
  • Eventide H9 Harmonizer

    Eventide H9 Harmonizer - " New with the (good) old"


    Basically, take the 4 pedals of Eventide Factor series, put them in a smaller and you have the H9 box. With two twists! The first is that only a portion of the algorithms is available by default, the rest must be purchased separately (18 EUR algorith…

  • Eventide H9 Harmonizer

    Eventide H9 Harmonizer - " Incredible! More ..."


    Pedal at the famous Eventide, reputation is more to do, it can make sounds very good both for guitar, bass, sinthé. The peculiarity of this pedal is that it includes all Strompbox chaz eventide namely Space (Reverb) The TimeFactor (Delay) ModFactor…

  • Eventide Modfactor

    Eventide Modfactor - " Swiss Army Knife"


    I will not go into the technical details, you can find them in the language of Lady Gaga on the Eventide site: https://www.eventide.com/AudioDivision/Products/StompBoxes/ModFactor.aspx Throughout the pedal seems solid, it seems to me against my Tim…

  • Eventide GTR 4000

    Eventide GTR 4000 - yann24's review


    The GTR4000 is the first multi purpose Ultra Harmonizer Eventide dedicated to the guitar, is very similar to the Eventide DSP4000. It includes all the known effects (Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Compressor, Flanger, Distortion, ring modulation, harmonize…