BLUESKY98 04/13/2006

Eventide Eclipse : BLUESKY98's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
For effects there are delays and modulations beautiful reverb that sounds awesome a great harmonizer of noise gate and distortion equalizers efficient all digital. Lacks the home studio for a USB port. For nothing is missing connections all planned. In addition to the Eclipse is one rack unit how they did it for every home?


It was on that for a camera of this quality and with the enormous possibilities it offers, you really read the manual to be able to use and effective.
Nothing to do with Boss or all of these kinds of multi effects very easy to use. But if we follow out the instructions (very thick binder explaining quite well) no problems. Only downside I find that the screen is too small.


Photo is not a must! I played on TC Electronic (G Force) Rocktron (Réplifex Voodovalve), Boss (SE 70) Eclipse is well above the rest. There are so many differences that it is not even comparable! All effects are superb with a dynamic extraordinnaire. It only beautify the sound with a sublime transparency and realism. Too bad he "has not more than 10 per note, I made 20 so it sounds!! Imperative not connect with a preamp and an amp of equal quality. For my part I plug in my SG or my Start through the eclipse (noon with a control pedal Rocktron) then the signal goes to a preamp Randall M4 lamps to finish in the amp VHT.


Since only one week and I sleep at night (my friend who is happy!) The value for money is excellent and there is no mieux.Ce not that I regret is not having bought tot.Foncez more guys buying it for Life!