fenderman des montagnes 12/21/2010

Eventide Eclipse : fenderman des montagnes's user review


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See other complete opinion on this point. Although the effective range is very comprehensive, the whole point of this rack is in the pitch shifter, modulations, delays and reverbs.


The manual is very comprehensive and well designed, which is useful initially to learn editing sounds and settings that may not be easy for the novice.


Modulation effects, delay, pitch shifting, reverb and quality are quite exceptional. Cutbacks and saturations are much less convincing, but in my opinion no interest on this type of equipment. In a chain effect, it is recommended to place the compressor first like wha before attacking a good preamp lamp that will provide a generous saturations, and rack eventide goes into preamp output or the loop effect, to have the modulations, delay and reverb-end chain.


The price of this rack is high but in relation to the quality of sound which is a much higher class of the cheapest kind Tc electronics hardware