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  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "After fifteen years... yes, it's that good. "


    Tone for days, reliable, versatile, comfortable and nearly indestructible. I've been loving this Ibanez as my main bass for 15 years. Battery life is amazing. Needs intonation about every five years at most. Stays in tune like a beast of burden, soun…

  • Ibanez EDC700

    Ibanez EDC700 - "Super Comfy bass"


    The Ibanez Ergodyne is a very interesting and overlooked line of basses. This model has a slightly different body style than the other Ergodynes. The body is made out of a man made material. The finish on this one was a pretty crazy silver finish wit…

  • Ibanez EXR170

    Ibanez EXR170 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by damien4190/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Made in Indonesia. 3 pickups: 2 humbuckers (INF3 et INF4) and one single coil (INFS3) 5 pickup combinations Flat neck UTILIZATION Since the neck is flat it's also quite…

  • Ibanez EDB600

    Ibanez EDB600 - FP User's review


    It's basically your decent quality modern bass. With a few extra features, like the ergodyne material it's made out of. Price paid $550.00 UTILIZATION It has a very slim "fast" neck, which means the strings are a little closer together …

  • Ibanez EDC700

    Ibanez EDC700 - "Ibanez EDC700 Ergodyne"


    I have been playing bass since I was 15 and am now 30. I have played in a few bands, recorded a demo, and have played many live shows all over the Boston area. I mostly like metal, but I'm good with anything. I bought this bass at Guitar Center In…

  • Ibanez EDA900

    Ibanez EDA900 - "Ibanez EDA900 Ergodyne"


    Hi, I play the Bass, ive been playing roughly for about 4 years but i am only 17 so its not as long as most, im an a band that is quite successful in my hometown of Lowestoft (UK), we do local gigs around that area and are currently looking for bigge…

  • Ibanez EDA905

    Ibanez EDA905 - "Ibanez Ergodyne"


    I play bass and guitar. I'm not amazing at ethier one and I'm not being modest. i have the education of a redneck and was taught by one. I'm into anything from just solid good punk, ska, ol' skool thrash and rap, and of course horror punk and psyc…

  • Ibanez EDA905

    Ibanez EDA905 - "Ibanez EDA 905"


    Got this amzing beast for £500 from a music shop in England. Wanted a decent bass to progress on. The color is orange. The shape is wierd, but is so easy to get on with - is lightweight, fits well to your body, the neck is slim and really easy to pl…

  • Ibanez EDB605

    Ibanez EDB605 - "Ibanez EDB 605"


    I got this little mama from my first big purchase off eBay, and I paid 500 Australian for it second hand with a Gator hardcase. I wanted to move into progressive rock and I don't think proggies know 4-string basses exist. The bass and hardcase were…

  • Ibanez EDB600

    Ibanez EDB600 - "Ibanez EDB600 Ergodyne"


    I bought my bass in 1999 from Sam Ash for just under $500. I tried a few basses out including the Soundgear but this was the one I fell inlove with. First off, the neck is nice and small making it very easy to fly around the frets. The bass itself i…