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MGR/Luke 02/10/2005

Ibanez EDA905 : MGR/Luke's user review

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Got this amzing beast for £500 from a music shop in England. Wanted a decent bass to progress on. The color is orange.

The shape is wierd, but is so easy to get on with - is lightweight, fits well to your body, the neck is slim and really easy to play . The tones and volumes are compltetly adjustable to your own sound and each string can be adjusted for volume. The blend between the piezos and magnetic pickup can be adjusted to your own sound! Just amazing for orginality.

At first the piezos were too sensitive and tremble for my liking so I adjusted the pots at the back to suit me, but then again that's more of an advantage. I've found that it goes out of tune quite quickly, but that's not much of a prob. As it can be changed quite a lot it's quite hard to keep it at the same tone.

I would say that the construction and quality could be improved as it is a mid/high cost bass and doesn't use wood for the body. I've found that the action has changed sometimes - from being too tight on ist fret until I lossened the screws a bit on bolt on.

It's a versatile bass built for orginality and diversification in mind. However, if you just want a quick, easy bass to pick up and play this is not the one as it takes a bit of tweaking to get your sound. As I've only owed one other bass before I cannot really give an informed judgment, but I can say it feels great to play; has a unique and varied sound and looks fantastic!

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