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MGR/hatem smut 06/12/2007

Ibanez EDA905 : MGR/hatem smut's user review

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I play bass and guitar. I'm not amazing at ethier one and I'm not being modest. i have the education of a redneck and was taught by one. I'm into anything from just solid good punk, ska, ol' skool thrash and rap, and of course horror punk and psychobilly

One fine day, I threw down my fender and said "I think I'll get a new bass!" Now I knew i had good luck that day because normally when I pull out of my drive way this idiot kid (let's call him wayde) always get in the way which I'm forced to toss the rest of my McMuffin to distract him while i pull out. But, any ways I got this bass USED for about $350 at Guitar center.

I don't know much about the finess of basses. Infact I suck pretty much but I did like the sound of the bass. The 3 knobs besides the volume and tone give a wide variety of sounds to choose from. I love the compact body compared to my fender (Which I call him scooter). The pickups are great and deliver a bold metal like sound.

The strings are placed low to the neck which is fine, but the neck is placed low to the body and the pickup is an inch and a half away so Maybe i suck at poping and slaping (Actually I do, because i let my friend play it and he flew on that neck (I felt like crap afterwords)) But I stumble on my strings a lot. The bass itself is heavy and there is this weird gash that slices down the middle of the body and ruined my plans to pinstripe around the pickups.

Okay here is the overview The strings are low to the neck, the pickups get in the way but I manage. The bass is heavy but sturdy and the tuning pegs stay in place and are solid so they really feel like they are holding those strings.

Its a great 5 string bass for anyone who just wants to expierement with a 5 string. I delivers excellent sound and performance.

Coming soon check out my hip review on the fender "scooter" squier! Oh yeah!

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