Ibanez EDB600
Ibanez EDB600
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MGR/Jeffultura 05/10/2004

Ibanez EDB600 : MGR/Jeffultura's user review

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I bought my bass in 1999 from Sam Ash for just under $500. I tried a few basses out including the Soundgear but this was the one I fell inlove with.

First off, the neck is nice and small making it very easy to fly around the frets. The bass itself is very light and fits perfectly against your body. The sound is very versatile though I'm not sure how good it if for funk style playing.

I have no complaints. The one knock I've seen from people who like this bass is about the low end and having difficulties with the action. I had this problem aswell when I tried tuing my 4 string down to C. It was easily solved by using Rotosound Flatwound strings (the heaviest gage they have..I believe the E string was a 115.) The low end was like melodic thunder and I had no problem with buzzing at all.

It's one of those basses that no matter what level you are at..you pick it up and go..hey I can play this thing. It's a beautifully made bass and just looks cool.

Excellent bass. I recommend it anyone.

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