Ibanez EDB600
Ibanez EDB600
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MGR/Anonymous 06/27/2001

Ibanez EDB600 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I actually bought this bass, unlike most of the basses that I just play around with in my store. It runs around $500 at most shops, and is really good for that price.

To tell you the truth I picked up this bass at first just because it looked good, but it was the feel of it that made me not want to put it down. It's made of Luthite, which is unbelievably light, and provides a really nice tone. The body also had a gorgeous grey/black eel look to it, which is indeed something that spawn envy. One of the good things about it is that even a smaller person like my son can even play this bass without discomfort because of it's shape and weight. Now to the tone, which is pretty standard for a 4 string. It doesn't hit those punchy stomach lows like some of the other models, but it was really thick an I heard no break-up on some of my larger Mesa combos. The neck is easy to play, and against my surprise it stayed in tone the whole while I used it.

Takes mass amounts of care in my opinion. I feel this is more of a studio bass that something you kill on stage! The body is easy to blemish and goes dull as soon as you finger prints touch it. Not as low as some of the other 4 strings I've played in it's range either, despite it's still a great one.

The construction other than the faulty finish is excellent. This is definately a body bass, meaning it was designed with comfort to the human body in mind. It has active electronics, 3 piece maple neck with 24 fret medium fingerboard, 3-band EQ, and DHX pickups.

It's a very versatile bass. Maybe it doesn't have the lowest tones, but for people who play multiple genre's of music and need a reliable bass, I'd say give it a try. It'd also definately be a highlight of any bass collection.

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