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MGR/Ryan 06/15/2003

Ibanez EDC700 : MGR/Ryan's user review

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it was a gift bought for me from guitar center for $630 brand new i think.

i really dont like anything about this bass except for the color.

this bass is not reliable what so ever. ive had the get the intonation, action, and ESPECIALLY the truss set up more times than i can remember. i have put more money into this bass than it is even remotely worth to me. it stays in tune but the neck in more flexable than a rubberband. it might be the luthite or whatever its made out of, but i have to get it all set up about every 6 months or else it starts buzzing all over the neck to the point where its not even playable. the worst part is that i use this bass the least out of my collection and its mostly in the case. there are 2 knobs on this bass which are stacked so really you have 4 knobs so you can dial into certain hard to find tones more easily or something. anyway this is such a stupid design in my opinion and both of these knobs, or should i say all four have broken multiple times. i dont know if i got a fucked up bass with problems straight from the factory or what, but this bass SUCKS!

the construction of this bass is suposed to fit your body with the carved out back and the 2 cutaways that look like dildo's. the neck has 6 bolts which is a goodthing i think, maybe one of the only good things besides the color which is a black pearl color. still, none of this comp

does not even come close to comparing with a fender, musicman, or wal. my advise is to buy a bass originally designed by leo fender, carl thompson, or waller and you cant go wrong. this is not the worst bass ive played so i cant give it a 1, but still, this bass sucks. email me if you would like to buy it.

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