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efabric's current gear

Computer Music

Cockos Reaper 4
General Sequencers
E-MU Xboard25
25-Key MIDI Keyboards
Novation Launchpad
PAD Controllers
Atari 1040 STE
Other Computers
Commodore C64
Other Computers
Texas Instruments Dictée Magique
Electronic Games & Consoles
E-MU 1820m
PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcards
Tascam iU2 Audio/MIDI Interface for iOS
Audio or MIDI interfaces for tablets/iDevices
Apple GarageBand App
Workstations, DAW & sequencers for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Chocopoolp Software Bhajis Loops
Workstations, DAW & sequencers for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Audiobus Audiobus
Other software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad
Crudebyte JACK
Other software for iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

Studio & Home Studio

Behringer Truth B2031P
Passive Monitors
Uher Royal De Luxe
Analog Multitracks
Yamaha MT100 II
Analog Multitrack-studios
Sony SEQ-11
Graphic EQs
Mackie CFX12
Analog Mixers
Yamaha MG102C
Analog Mixers
Beyerdynamic M 69 N
Dynamic Microphones
Bouyer 709
Dynamic Microphones
Sennheiser MD 421-N
Dynamic Microphones
The T.bone MB85 Beta
Dynamic Microphones
Samson Technologies C03
Large diaphragm condenser microphones

Other musical instruments

Brüko n° 6
Passenger's junior
Electric Pianos
Schilke 13A4A
Other Accessories for Wind Instruments


Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro
Studio headphones

Bass Guitars

Behringer Bass Chorus BCH100
Bass Choruses/Phasers/Flangers
Behringer Bass V-amp
Bass Amp Simulators
Behringer Ultrabass BXL1800
Bass Guitar Combo Amps
Sx Guitars SPB-62
4-string bass guitars
Vantage 955BA
5+ string bass guitars

Drums & Percussion

Snare Drums
Paiste 1000 Ride 20"
Ride Cymbals
Sabian B8 Pro Splash 8"
Splash Cymbals


Crate PowerBlock
Solid-State Guitar Amp Heads
Harley Benton GA5
Tube Combo Guitar Amps
Harley Benton Vintage phase
Phasers for Guitar
Danelectro D-8 Fab 600ms Delay
Delays/Echos/Phrase Samplers for Guitar
Lead Foot LFV-1
Volume Pedals for Guitar/Bass
Suzuki Three S F-250
12 String Guitars
Kiso - Suzuki WK-65 HD
Other Steel String Guitars
Peavey Generation EXP
TLC-Shaped Guitars
Harley Benton Power Plant
AC Adapters for Pedals

Electronic instrument

Casio Rapman
Keyboard Arrangers
Casio SK-100
Keyboard Arrangers
Yamaha PSS-380
Keyboard Arrangers
Yamaha PSS-480
Keyboard Arrangers
Behringer Neutron
Analog Synth Racks/Sound Modules
Yamaha CS01
Analog Synths
Passenger's mc-33
Digital Synths
Passenger's MC-6S
Digital Synths
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