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efabric 03/02/2012

Suzuki Three S F-250 : efabric's user review

«  A little viellotte, but if warm »

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Here's what's made more upscale in the days when guitars were made in Japan by former makers of Nagoya, converted back to subcontractors and then launching their own brands. Of the three models of 12-string to the catalog at the time, the f-250 was the most expensive of the three.

My model was made in 1976 and has many signs of wear: Major brands of wristwatch deeply etched in the table, the white edges of the handle marked by rings of a left-handed ... a piece of plating of the head is broken, and a small crack in the end run, but nothing to worry about.


The frets are so worn that the handle is a highway. No risk of frieze possible!
Accuracy is lost a little amount in the treble. Less with new strings. The bridge saddle is perhaps a little overwhelmed by the pressure of the strings, which distorts slightly the placement ...


It does not fit all the music, the twelve-string is typed Period Woodstock, Progressive Rock and Folk music. on the other hand Hotel California has never sounded better. Impossible to achieve without the arpeggio at the beginning of the string chanterelle ground.
I offered a set of Elixir Nanoweb. It sounds really good!
She wears a lot, although I have not compared to other 12-string.


I've had less than a year. She is older than me!
I think I made a deal. I have not mentioned the price I bought it but the side that got me out a friend of a friend who hallucinated seeing her. He knew the model number and would not believe the price at which I had had it. I trust him, then it is a very demanding science and an expert in stuff.

As always, we can not quote a tool that if you find someone to buy at this price point, but it seems that the rating of this approach in the U.S. where the Suzuki out of the wood ... In France, for cons, we sometimes find at attractive rates, although some models are a little scarce around here.