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Thread readM-audio axiom 49 help!! please.[M-Audio Axiom 49]8meisterjohnson891129603/13/2018 07:30
by Artan Bakija
Thread readHeadphones vs. Speakers pros and consGo directly to the latest post[Do It Yourself]14Chaoschrist2065011/20/2015 03:23
by CaliMoose
Thread readHelp on choosing a microphone for chamber music recording[Microphones]4joseluis7696731809/16/2015 12:28
by LosRebellos
Thread readIntroduction to Modes Article: Questions, Comments.[Music Theory]4kon-tiki1039010/20/2010 02:43
by yuriart10
Thread readAkai 4000ds mkii[Analog Multitracks]2andam297002/22/2010 07:15
by alexsimescu
Thread readReason 3 with MOTIF ES7?[Reason Studios Reason 3.0]4teezy4life173806/25/2009 20:53
by teezy4life
Thread readHow many inputs yorkville bloc 100G[Yorkville bloc 100]1vaimin350206/10/2009 01:09
by Thor H
Thread read[test] Bogner Alchemist Amp: Turning Lead Guitar into Gold[Bogner Alchemist 112 Combo]1Red Led239806/09/2009 01:48
by Thor H
Thread readI need help.cant run reason4.0[Getting Started]6Yungwar161705/18/2009 17:13
by makepurple
Thread readI just got a Yamaha Mx 12/6 mixer, preamp, etc.rack. What else do I need to record vocals?[Getting Started]5ShaqatAmaq431905/07/2009 02:33
by Thor H
Thread readComputer Upgrade Dilemma[Digital Multrack-studios]2davidflee1021803/28/2009 18:28
by Ajna
Thread readMonitor Choice?[Studio & Home Studio]2Quint Essense658603/19/2009 14:28
by Overhung
Thread readThe old progressive rock lovers thread ;)Go directly to the latest post[Your Favorite Music]17Anaon_en2018103/18/2009 00:23
by Thorpe100
Thread readAre there preamps that work with usb mics?[Getting Started]1ShaqatAmaq44903/17/2009 16:45
by Thor H
Thread readBoss Br 900 - Drums[Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio]3SeanYearsley254503/16/2009 03:08
by Thor H
Thread readCan anybody help with my choice of new monitors?[Studio & Home Studio]2Quint Essense1015203/11/2009 22:03
by Thorpe100
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