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M-Audio Axiom 49
M-Audio Axiom 49

49-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio belonging to the Axiom series

Thread M-audio axiom 49 help!! please.

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1 M-audio axiom 49 help!! please.
hello to all. this is my first forum so i'm excited to come to this site more often. i have a slight problem with my axiom 49. i've been using it and never had a problem before until now, but maybe someone can help me. i use reason and fruityloops and when i press the keys, there's playback except my "A" keys. All of my keys on the control, make sound and there's playback, but my A keys aren't making sound either in reason or fl. i don't know, maybe i pressed somethign on the control to make it this way or maybe somethig with the program. if anyone can help, i'd appreciate it.


half of my keyboard...the A key works when i hold down the D sharp. weird. i think it's all jumbled up. someone help! lol.

does it do the D sharp/ A thing on both reason and fruity?  Maybe you should just try re-initializing the axiom.

yeah it does it on reason and fl. thats how i know it's the controller. but what do you mean by re intiallizing it? and how would i do that? sorry bout the noob questions too. lol.
I mean resetting the device. You'll lose all factory presets, but you can get them back after. But resetting might put things back to right again.
Am in da Caribbean, an dis is wat I do. My Axiom 49 was not performing on G and C#, so I turned it upside down and slapped it on the backside and what do do you know, it WORKS like a charm right now, after weeks and weeks of frustration.  NOW TRY DAY, Y'HEAR???
Yeah - I am not so sure if slapping things is always the best way...

...but hey it has worked for me before as well...usually they work again...or stop working altogether..

I guess - either way it gives you certainty...
Thanks alot Ongo Wongo! your way of fixing the problem really works Big Up!
Believe it or not Ongo Wongo, after a long search to solve my problem, I gave up and tried your 'bang on the bottom' of the axiom - not too hard, mind!

And NOW IT WORKS. Excellent - thanks!
THNKS VERY MUCH ..ITS WORKING :lol::oo::fleche: