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Thread Shure SM57-LC with M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192 (and Behringer pre-amp)

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Topic Shure SM57-LC with M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192 (and Behringer pre-amp)
I've inherited the above audio devices, and am trying to set up a recording studio on my computer - primarily for voice acting, but also for recording piano. I am not familiar at all with audio tech basics - any advice on how to connect these devices together (what cables I'd need) would be appreciated! ]

*Note, there seems to be a TRS conversion cable on the SM57-LC, but when I plug it into the microphone plug of my computer's built-in soundcard, no signals are received (but it works for any other mic). Any advice on what's happening here - would it be possible to connect the mic without installing the new m-audio sound-card and the behringer?
Connect the Shure to the behringer using an xlr cable (or trs jack if it accepts it) then connect the preamp to your audiophile.
I've tried connecting Shure to preamp using XLR to TS. Preamp to sound card using TS to 3.5mm (realtek soundcard). The recording signal is very weak or non-existent using the audio and line-in ports. Tried using decibel boost and a few other combinations to no avail.

Any advice/suggestions appreciated!