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  • Radial Engineering Bones London

    Radial Engineering Bones London - "Hot rod Plexi in a box!"


    The Bones London dual distortion is a pedal modeled after a British half stack that has plenty of options: two independent channel volumes, a drive knob, low and high eq knobs and two 3 position switches to control upper and lower mids. There are als…

  • Radial Engineering Plexitube

    Radial Engineering Plexitube - nickname009's review


    12ax7 equipped tube distortion clean, rhythm and lead in one pedal insert loop for effects on lead channel true bypass This is the plexitube. Radial's take on what a marshall plexi sounds like. Features are quite good. Although the controls …

  • Radial Engineering Trimode

    Radial Engineering Trimode - nickname009's review


    True Bypass Clean Mode Dynamic Rhythm Distortion Mode Dynamic Lead Distortion Mode 12ax7 tube for natural overdrive tone Effects loop on lead channel Individual controls: Level, Drive, Midboost Shared controls: Filter, High, Low, Top End, Dri…

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