Radial Engineering Trimode

Trimode, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

_Luis_ 04/22/2007

Radial Engineering Trimode : _Luis_'s user review


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Comes in a beautiful box with non-slip pads and adapter. It's solid, well Designed.


Not need the manual. Trs is intuitive and simple. You turn the knobs and rings!


The PDAL is simply a killer, I use it with an SG standard and as a Vox AC30 amp and sometimes a Fender HotRod. I think the pedals is just one of the best distortions that can be obtained on a clear, particularly on a Fender tube amp, the Vox as duller and accepting a little less pedals.
The Trimode it's really more for fans of the Tonebone Classic Trimode because in fact it's just two in a Classic! So a can have two channels. I use one myself for my rhythmic sound and another for the lead, it's really very convenient.
Otherwise I would say that the sound is warm enough (pedals requires a lamp), with lots of harmonics, we really sustain a big crazy with! You can really do almost any style or with the pedals.


This is simply gniale pedals! It evolves a version of the Classic. I use it for over 4 months and I am satisfied compltement. You can really do everything with the possible exception of mtal and still dpend the stuff with which it is used.
I would resume again if c'tait probably the same. I tried a lot of high-end pedals that's really the one that stands out!