Radial Engineering Trimode

Trimode, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Tonebone series.

matchoucampos 10/04/2008

Radial Engineering Trimode : matchoucampos's user review


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Pedal "three CHANNELS". In reality there are only two channels or to + bypass. If we start from this principle all the pedals have two channels! (I say this because a vendor tried to argue it here by the three channels are the main selling point ....).
This pedal is a pedal lamp. I leave you went to the manufacturer's website to see all the settings.
She is very well finished and very solid.
However watch out for the person who has a power supply to multiple outputs to feed all their pedals simultaneously without having 10kg of transformers: Power is 15V!
Nothing to say regarding the features.


Setup is simple. The settings are very sensitive. What can really shape the sound as you want. The possibilities are very extensive. Quickly found a sound and appropriate in all cases was the manual that offers settings. Which allows sounds from existing. Note that audio examples are available on the manufacturer's website and they match what is in the manual.
The use is not complicated at all.


So for distortion, I must say I found no better. There is a particular grain. Then we like it or not ....
In contrast to overdrive I must say that I prefer my Vox Duel Overdrive. The sound is less round with the tri-mode, more modern.
But what quality for distos!
It really can all do.
I play with a blues junior, the bypass is really good and keep my clean sound intact unlike some other pedals.
Also note that the sound of the guitar is well respected. Unlike some pedal, you can easily get a clean sound or a crunch by adjusting the volume knob on the guitar.


I've had two weeks. Worth to do much testing of sounds and not be satisfied with the first sound you get (which is very good). You can really fine tune.
I suggest you went to trial on this pedal:

And of course to try it!
It's expensive but I will not buy a distortion pedal any time soon!