Cyrpé 04/27/2012

Radial Engineering Fullerton : Cyrpé's user review

«  THE distortion! »

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Distortion pedal analog
True bypass
Two volume levels (rhythm and lead)
3 buttons Low, High and Drive
Metal case that inspires confidence and a beautiful blue ;)
Beware, there is no possibility to put a 9v battery, thus providing a power supply '.

This is the new name of the radial Hollywood


Manual? Can be useful ... For my part, I pay everything by ear and that's great!
Provided opportunities seem huge, I would take the time to explore it all.

Used with my PRS Singlecut on a Peavey Classic 30 in stores, rendering was already phenomenal. TSA on my 15, it is also good!
the gain is enormous and the presence of two switch allows to chain on a solo with ease.


To make progress, I asked the seller a pedal that would allow me to have one closer to the sound of Billy Gibbons ... And all is said, the right setting, and go to "La Grange" ...
You can also soften the gain, to have fun on the more bluesy sound. For me I feast on the Clapton with my Strat.
I tried several models before Boss Ds1, Ds2, Vox Satchurator, Zvex distortion ...) the it has nothing to do.
I think the sound is warmer than the version "London" (which sounds more British as the name implies).


Since the time I was looking for a true analog distortion with various possibilities, I am fulfilled. the presence of several buttons was a bit worried at first that I am not an expert settings, but ultimately it is very intuitive once you know what you want.
Versatile and powerful, I do not regret my old distortion pedals and yes I will ever choose this without hesitation.