Radial Engineering Bones Hollywood
Radial Engineering Bones Hollywood

Bones Hollywood, Other guitar saturation effect from Radial Engineering in the Bones series.

pic&pulse 02/06/2012

Radial Engineering Bones Hollywood : pic&pulse's user review


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Disto "both" typical west-coast transistor. An on-off switch (buffered bypass), a channel selector, one volume per channel then, common to both channels: knobs for bass, treble and gain, a three position switch to boost low-medium and a switch of scale 3-position gain.
It lacks a gain control per channel to be almost perfect.
Manufacture very neat. It is pleasing to the eye and use thanks to the materials that exude quality.


The configuration is less simple than it seems because there is a greater interaction between the different settings. The EQ is very sensitive and must be fully retouched when triturated switch to low-medium.
Both channels offer two different colors: Channel 2 is a tad warmer and more loaded (bottom) medium.
The bypass is totally transparent.
Switch the gain level is very convenient: it allows a very precise. You can also move from one level to an OD High Gain level without touching the gain knob.


This is a distortion to high-end fine-tuning. The broad gain range makes it very versatile. The sound is always clean, never do will turn into fuzz. ON can even use it to twist into overdrive channel of an amplifier saturated by reworking the EQ.
Initially, I purchased it to add a different color channel sound to my Marshall JCM600 in sound typical of the brand. The mixture produced a sound quite similar to Soldano. Perfectly suited to play the Toto, for example. Given the formidable EQ, you can choose between its end or fat, or huge, bold, sharp, smooth ... Since we want anything, always with a nice grain.
Good responsiveness to gambling and volume knob. The sound of the guitar is well respected.
Connected to various tube or transistor amplifiers (also on a Line6), various quality, I always found a satisfactory adjustment.


The pedal is no longer in my main set since I have changed my amp (Laboga Cayman) because their sound is very very close to each other. It has therefore been replaced by a "London" in the same series, so I added a channel Marshallian.
I take when I go play on another amp or recording outside sometimes. 2mn settings and I'm never disappointed with the result.
In use, a gain adjustment for each channel would be a more sacred.
More expensive than the Boss, of course, but the quality is a step up so the price is justified (but Boss, it's nice, eh ....).
I therefore valid.