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Threads in which Uncle EZ has contributed

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Can the Alesis MultiMix mixers send each track separately to a DAW???[Recording & Mixing]5Uncle EZ287401/14/2008 13:06
by Streetdblo
Is it possible to sequence from multiple sound sources at one time??[Software Sequencers]3Uncle EZ253210/26/2007 11:00
by fred333
Thinking of upgrading from Vegas Audio (Acid) to ProTools... HELP!!!![Software Sequencers]1Uncle EZ326307/21/2007 17:26
by coleboy95
Found a cheap but effective way to buffer echo in a mic room!!![Sound Techniques]2Uncle EZ85407/15/2007 12:53
by ranja_en
Anyone ever use the Rode NT1-A Mic?? Thoughts??[Microphones]1Uncle EZ127706/26/2007 05:14
by tonypb
I need to know if such a beast exists...[Recording & Mixing]0Uncle EZ68703/28/2007 09:47
by Uncle EZ
Dynamic vs. Compressor Mic - Which do I use for Solo Vocalist?[Microphones]1Uncle EZ139302/06/2007 01:06
by keywestdan
Need a digital mixer that can break channel output to separate tracks![Software Sequencers]1Uncle EZ330101/24/2007 16:47
by kieranhughes
I need help with panning vocals and instruments...[Sound Techniques]1Uncle EZ66601/10/2007 11:18
by ra7or
I really need a mixer- but not just any mixer... Please help...[Recording & Mixing]1Uncle EZ55012/27/2006 07:33
by HoboZig
Anyone have any opinion on the Korg Triton Rack Module... Is it dated?[Sound Techniques]2Uncle EZ54111/30/2006 10:42
by Uncle EZ
Thinking of upgrading... Is ProTools that much better than Acid Pro??[Software Sequencers]3Uncle EZ571611/21/2006 12:03
by mackiecfx
by guitar254
Pre-Amp and compressor setup question...[Microphones]1Uncle EZ222811/09/2006 15:24
by ra7or
In plain English-how do 'assignable outs' work/what's the advantages?[Recording & Mixing]11Uncle EZ328411/09/2006 15:02
by ra7or
USB Mixer advice[Sound Techniques]3dangerous67011/09/2006 11:46
by dangerous
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