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Thread USB Mixer advice

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1 USB Mixer advice
I am sure that somebody here will be able to answer me a quick question.

At present I am trying to do some recording of basic track at home. I am using Sonar 5 and a p poor Audigy 4 soundcard.

As a short term fix to allow more than two of us to record at the same time I have been looking at a couple of USB mixers (hoping for a big time hardware upgrade middle of next year, so would like a reasonable cheap sollution now) such as Alesis Multimix 8 or Phonic Helic board 12. Would I still be able to send the inputs to the tracks on the mixer to individual tracks in Sonar, or would it mix into one track when input into the PC, I would like to be able to master the mix post record rather then be stuck with the live settings.

Also are the Mixers I mentioned any good? Any other suggestions?
I just asked the exact same question about the Alesis 16 channel USB mixer, then reading around I found the answer...


Read the review on this page...
Does a mixer exist that does what he's asking??? Is there a USB (or FireWire) mixer that will allow you to select individual channels to record from in your recording software??
Thanks very much, I had been searching...obviously not as well as you! I think I will invest in a cheap multitrack soundcard I have seen a couple for about the same price as those USB mixers.

It is just a bit of a pain because I will be buying another one in 6 months time, but I suppose I can find a use for it or sell it on.