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Thread Thinking of upgrading from Vegas Audio (Acid) to ProTools... HELP!!!!

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1 Thinking of upgrading from Vegas Audio (Acid) to ProTools... HELP!!!!
Background: I've got Vegas LE right now. I know how to use it, and it's been pretty good to me- BUT, the final recording quality is pretty crappy, and I'm not sure if that's because of my Processor (Pentium 4) or my soundcard (soundblaster) or because I have a light edition of Vegas Audio. Either way, I'm about to buy a new PC with a dual processor, and an heavy duty soundcard with multiple interfaces, etc.

The Question: I'm experienced with Vegas Pro LE. Acid Pro is just the new and improved Vegas Pro, with a built in sequencer and some other bells and whistles. I've heard other guys' stuff that was done on Vegas Pro and thier recordings sounded 100% proffessional (which was about 35% better sounding than my stuff).

Will I be selling myself short by just going with the latest sony software (Acid Pro 6) which is basically a direct upgrade of the software I have now?? Or should I just jump all the way in and get ProTools??? Keep in mind, the basic operation of Acid Pro is the same as it's always been, and I have a leg up by knowing the software's makeup. With ProTools, I'd be starting over from scratch.

Please, please help me. PLEASE!!! I'm about to spend a sizeable amount of money, and I am worried that I will not get what I need. Thanks.

IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!