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Thread Thinking of upgrading... Is ProTools that much better than Acid Pro??

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1 Thinking of upgrading... Is ProTools that much better than Acid Pro??
Background: I've got Vegas LE right now. I know how to use it, and it's been pretty good to me- BUT, the final recording quality is pretty crappy, and I'm not sure if that's because of my Processor (Pentium 4) or my soundcard (soundblaster) or because I have a light edition of Vegas Audio. Either way, I'm about to buy a new PC with a dual processor, and an heavy duty soundcard with multiple interfaces, etc.

The Question: I'm experienced with Vegas Pro LE. Acid Pro is just the new and improved Vegas Pro, with a built in sequencer and some other bells and whistles. I've heard other guys' stuff that was done on Vegas Pro and thier recordings sounded 100% proffessional (which was about 35% better sounding than my stuff).

Will I be selling myself short by just going with the latest Sony software (Acid Pro 6) which is basically a direct upgrade of the software I have now?? Or should I just jump all the way in and get ProTools??? Keep in mind, the basic operation of Acid Pro is the same as it's always been, and I have a leg up by knowing the software's makeup. With ProTools, I'd be starting over from scratch.

Please, please help me. PLEASE!!! I'm about to spend a sizeable amount of money, and I am worried that I will not get what I need. Thanks.
if u wanna go for the industry standards then protolls is awsome
i am using mbox2 pro
its cool ... and .... can take the seccion to any studio

%1$s a écrit Even if it was possible, I'd expect it very unlikely that switching to Protools would get you the sound you want, using a Soundblaster product.

oooooohhh yeeeaaah! :D
i just HAD to quote this :)
I remember getting my first computer and music software and thinking that everything was gonna be alright. Then I found out that without a good or pro soundcard the software means nothing. Once I bought my pro soundcard it was a world of difference. I use Cool edit Pro for radio broadcasts and Nuendo for studio recordings. It's about what works for you and the application of the media. Much too much hype is made of Pro Tools in my opinion, don't get me wrong it's a very good program but it's very expensive to reach the ultimate pro level of recording with all the plugins in so on. I would save up some dough, look into some pro soundcards like Motu, Aardvark and some others. It might cost anywhere between $500 to over $1000 but your quality will improve and you can still make music using Acid Pro. Finally, google "mastering engineers" those guys give a lot of good tips on everything from pre to post production. After getting tips from those guys realized a lot of things I was doing wrong and rearranged my whole set up. Technique is just as important as a good soundcard.