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Thread Is it possible to sequence from multiple sound sources at one time??

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1 Is it possible to sequence from multiple sound sources at one time??
Generally speaking, If I'm in a computer sequencing program- can I sequence from two or three sound modules at the same time?

For example, if I have a Triton Rack Module, a Roland Phantom, and a Roland Organ Module, can I use the drums from the Triton, the horns from the Phantom, and the B3 from the Organ module all in the same .MID file??? Or do I have to create a separate midi file for each component and then merge them once they've been recorded to wave files???
Personally I would record to seperate midi tracks and then bounce down to audio once you are happy.

The reason being is that you cannot alter one parameter of one sound, without affecting them all. Eg. You want to open the filter on your lead sound - but with your method you will also open it on the strings, bass, drums etc. etc.

Hope I understoond you correctly!

You can do it before the wave file. Midi up your hardware put the score in the tracks you want to use assign the midi channel to the corresponding equipment and there you go! It would make sense to put each module on different midi channel that way you have control over all three sounds separately.
I would not record multiple sources at once. I have found the introducing the track individually is the right way to go.