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Thread How can I sequence from multiple sound-modules at one time??

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1 How can I sequence from multiple sound-modules at one time??
Right now, I'm using a Korg XD5R as a module. But I'd like to buy a Motif module, and a Hammond module.

I wanna be able build a song using all three simultaneously. For example, use the drums from the Motif module, layer an organ over that from the Hammond module, and then use the piano sound from the Korg module, and have them all playing at the same time in the sequencer.

Is there a way to accomplish this??

Now for clarity's sake, can you control all of them from one main controller? I'm using a full sized 88 key Korg as my controller.

If I use the drums from the Motif, can I use a trumpet from another module just by selecting it in the sequencer software? I don't know how I'd toggle between the modules once I'm ready to start playing the next sound. Right now, all that is done in the keyboard. By the time it gets to my PC's sequencer (Jazz32) it's already selected. Would a more proffessional sequencer keep me from having to change it in the keyboard and just allow me to select sounds right from the computer? Still not clear on how all that works.