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Thread readCrunchyness[Boss DS-1 Distortion]2Souljah!167110/12/2017 14:29
Thread readUniversity project studio $$grant$$ what to buy?[The Gentleman's Lounge]4Drumkid503190706/07/2016 22:25
by carlwilcox
Thread readCopy EQ settings to another track in Nuendo or Cubase??[Software Sequencers]6JohnStenersen456903/03/2014 07:53
by Mike Levine
Thread readCubase LE and Lexicon Omega - metronome (Click) bleed through issue[Lexicon Omega]3heid2355806/11/2011 18:39
by bobhri
Thread readLooking for opinions on Behringer MixersGo directly to the latest post[Recording & Mixing]16spyder770904/04/2009 09:30
by BlindSummit_DJ
Thread readlost code[Getting Started]2jessicamadalynn46703/04/2009 10:45
by gerrypb
Thread readInterference when recording on laptop???[Computer Music]4Hammy79574502/25/2009 10:15
by ryansoh1
Thread readCrackling feedback on Cubase. plus vst meter is very high[Computer Music]2gringle457203/08/2008 02:37
by afiqme
Thread readwav. to mp3[MP3 Encoders]3longneck77108003/08/2008 01:23
by afiqme
Thread readGood sound card necessary?[Audio Interfaces]2seven14314203/08/2008 01:02
by afiqme
Thread readMAC vs PC : the best solution for home recording/mixing ?Go directly to the latest post[Computer Music]23Krowms3451801/02/2008 18:13
by Steinbergs Bug
Thread readCubase vs. Adobe AuditionGo directly to the latest post[Computer Music]12ESPplayer72591812/28/2007 09:10
by sp
Thread readCool Edit Pro Recording Help. ;( Help plZGo directly to the latest post[Adobe Cool Edit Pro 2.1]11Lipon295112/23/2007 11:57
by Joshil
Thread readHelp selecting the proper monitors and sub woofer.Go directly to the latest post[Studio & Home Studio]22BrendanF0902416912/04/2007 11:00
by brsanko
Thread readM-Audio Firewire 410 - Only recording through one speaker..[M-Audio Firewire 410]2IIndHand173511/25/2007 04:36
by lafitz
Thread readNeed advice on what to do as far as recording and some other stuff[Getting Started]4endo-g249411/20/2007 08:29
by Cookzie
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