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Thread NEED HELP!! How do i record multiple tracks at the same time (drums)

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1 NEED HELP!! How do i record multiple tracks at the same time (drums)
Im pretty uneducated when it comes to recording stuff. I know pretty basic stuff. What i am trying to do is record some drums but have each mic with its own track while recording at the same time (multiple tracks at once)
I am very limited with funds but have almost everything i need right now..............I think I have the following

Cool Edit pro 2.0
SoundMax sound card w/ mic in, line in, optical input and center, surround, front outputs (for surround sound speakers)
and about 4 or 5 mics

I have been recording using a 6 channel PA to plug all my drum mics into, then i use the L/R (white and red) audio plugs that come out of the PA and into the laptop.
It is plugged directly into the "mic in" input on the laptop.
The only problem is when i record the drums, i have to record it all onto one track, using Cool Edit Pro 2.0

I want to know if i can purchase an external sound card or something to connect via USB or firwire. Allowing me to have each drum mic with its own track so that i may edit them seperetly. (kick, snare, toms....and so on)
AND... will it work properly with the Cool Edit software.

Also....what does the AC3 SPDIG and PCM SPDIF features actually do on my sound card :/

Thanks for your help, and sorry about the double post ( i guess i should of read that first):/
im going to try and do a little bit of research to try and see what is compatable with cool edit before i make any type of purchase
Also Im not trying to get a super professional recording, but...... i would like to have a way to edit the main parts of the drums seperatly if possible
I use five mics now, but all on the same track.
I would like to use cool edit for editing since i already know the basics of it (and im not exactly "big ballin") :(
If you happen to know of any old interfaces or anything that might give me some type of lead PLEASE let me know :)
thanks :D

also i hope its alright to post another topic about my compatability issues
1) NO DOUBLE POSTING. Please read the rules.

2) you will need a decent 8 input audio interface to multitrack some drums, so get ready at least 400$.

3) change sequencer. cool edit is too limited and has low compatibility possibilities with newer audio interfaces.

4) Wikipedia is your friend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPDIF