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Adobe Cool Edit Pro 2.1
Adobe Cool Edit Pro 2.1

Digital Audio Editor from Adobe

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Thread Cool Edit Pro Recording Help. ;( Help plZ

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1 Cool Edit Pro Recording Help. ;( Help plZ
I use Cool Edit Pro, 2.1 full-version. I've downloaded some instrumentals off of Limewire, and I'm trying to produce my own songs, adding my voice into the instrumental.

So do I just open up Cool Edit Pro, and View>Multi-Track.

Then insert Instrumental at Track 1. Then start recording at Track 2? I've tried that, but the voice doesn't blend in with the music at all, and sometimes not that good. Any tips or tricks, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a proper way to record? Please help.
Although I think you're on the right track, the reason your vocal may not sit well is that you didn't record the original track...
If you have no EQ'ing , or effects to help blend the vocal you may not be able to appropriately mix your voice to the music...

You've got the right idea...
Keep working at it...

Is there anything else we can help with??
Are you using a special mic or technique to record the track??
Yea, I think it's the effects. What effects can I use to make my voice blend in with the instrumental? Any tips...
if vocals don't blend with your instrumetal track, there is only one reason: bad recording tecnique. and no effect or eq can save that.
start by learing the basis of vocal recording; there are tons of articles on the internet.
Can you link me to some?
Good thought Ra7or...

But Lipon didn't record the instruments...
He got them from Limewire...
Good idea on the vocal / but depending on how the Audio sounds from that clip that was downloaded there may not be any way to have his vocal sit correctly with a pre-made track...

My problem is sometimes a track out of one session finds its way into another session That didn't happen at first now I'm afraid of recording as i am liable to destry another seeion that i wish to keep
I am a musician and I am trying to record multi track I did some with fair results but now a track out of one session goes into another session and erases a track in the other session it's great to listen. Where could I find information on how to record from step one to mixing down and eventually burnig to disk