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Live -vs- studio



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1 Posted on 08/06/2007 at 22:02:59Direct link to this post
hey everyone...jake here from orlando
with a question for ya's....

i've put my band through the wringer with the usual
multitracking technique...and honestly got some real
decent results with everything...except............
our singer can't hack it in the studio for some reason...and i've heard
this is a problem from plenty of people....
everything sounds GREAT...except the vocal track...really lacking the
balls he usually has...
so i've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out what to do..and i've been
circling back again and again to just doing a live recording at our next gig...

i have an 8 track at a time multitracker i can take on stage with me...
and my mics consist of the following...
a Shure RS 230
-have gotton good vocals, guitar amps out if it...but seems to lack bottom end
for kick...etc...used mostly as a guitar amp mic in the studio...and vocals...
a shure SM 57......nuff said
an audio technica ATR 30
-have gotton good vocals, amps, and seems to have a lot better bottom end pickup
than the RS230 i have..and in the studio used it for a kick mic most of the time..
A samson C01
-Large diaphram cheap condenser...really picks up bottom and top end really well...used
as an overhead in the studio on drums...picked up everything really nicely...
a samson C02
-small pencil style condenser....awesome for hihats and really crisp..almost too crisp on

as of right now i was planning on using the RS230 for vocals, the Sm57 for the guitar amp
the ATR30 for bass, and the condensers on the kit....
but really don't know how to configure the mics on the kit...especially since they're two different mics entirely...
i may be able to shake some other mics from freinds...any suggestions on what to look for? i don't have a bunch of resources...but...some more dynamics than condensers...
thanx for your time!!!!


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2 Posted on 08/08/2007 at 10:59:41Direct link to this post
i once tracked a band with a VERY shy singer who just couldn't sing in studio. he'd just start to panic while singing so all voice tracks where terrible!

we managed to solve the problem by making him track his voice alone locked in the voice booth so that nobody could see him and he couldn't see anybody.

also, instead of using headphones, we locked him in with a pair of monitors, so that he could get that "live" feel.

worked like a charm!
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