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Thread How to remix a song

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1 How to remix a song
How all i got a question and i apologize in advance if its been asked before. i want to know how to take an existing track seperate the vocals to an accapella and add my own new remix music.

what software would i need please recommend both free and great quality software and maybe some basic tips.

there are vocal removers but they work on the eq, the voice is not actually removed. Plus it doesn't hide any modulation or reverb effect that might be applied to the voice.

in terms of quality, its not possible. You would need the song's multitrack project.
ok thanks so how does a newb like me get his hands on accapellas and such??
Yeah he is right that you would need the session or the Vocals and Intrumental part by themselves.

A newb like you needs to tell us what music your looking for, what music is it that you want to remix? Then other newbs might have suggestions of where to get it! ;P

- Nico
adobe audition works pretty good for center channel extraction. here's a link for you.