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Thread Copy EQ settings to another track in Nuendo or Cubase??

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Topic Copy EQ settings to another track in Nuendo or Cubase??
Hi! I used Pro Tools before, but now I use Nuendo and Cubase. and I can't figure out how to copy an EQ plug-in to another track and keep the adjustments I've made in the EQ. Does anyone know how it's done?? i know how to do it in Pro Tools, but I can't figure it out in nuendo or cubase..
save effect settings, then load them anywhere
Thank You!! you saved me for a lot of work!! :D
Bro, pls can you help me with eq adjustment for a smooth and sharp vocal. Or give me any recommendation in this regard. Pls, am waiting on you. Thanks.
Basic vocal EQing: brighten vocals with boost in the upper frequencies, try boosting around 5 or 6 kHZ, with a wide bandwidth. If you want to sharpen, try boosting a bit around 3-4 kHz. Sweep to find the best frequency, but be careful of harshness. For a smooth vocal, cut in the area of about 2 kHz. Again, sweep to find the sweet spot. A lot depends on the specific timbre of the vocal, so use these as starting points only.
Thanks! Dis help will go a long way for me!
Great. Good luck with your recording!