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Thread Shure SM-57 vs Beta-57 please help

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1 Shure SM-57 vs Beta-57 please help
ok so i need a decent mic to record guitars and stuff over summer.
i play a wide variety of genres so i'd like the mic to be able to cover anything from clean to pretty heavy.

ive heard the beta57 has a more aggressive bass output and can handle more gain before feedback, but it also is over responsive on the high ends. ive also heard that u can use this to record a bass amp, does anyone have any experience of this? and would it be better just to get a seperate mic for bass anyway. (im using a fairly low quality samson kick drum mic atm)

the sm57 is the classic guitar cab mic. will it do just as good a job as the beta 57? would it be any better for recording a bass than the mic im using atm?

i think thats everything, cheers.
the sm57 may not be state-of-the-art, but its definetly NOT the worst mic ever.

but still, i am curious: tell us more about this "new technology" you speak of.
Hi. I've heard this argument before. Actually the 57 is the worst mic you could use for recording in this day and age. Look at some catalogs and you will find mikes that were made especially for whatever you need.
Times have changed. Newer technology is here. You just have to get it. I have used the 57 and is a very poor mike for anything. There will be those who swear that it is the greatest thing since ice tea. But, they haven't tried new technology. Believe me there IS a difference.
so is the beta 57 better in your opinion?
there maybe new technology like protools but mics are being built pretty much the same way as they have been forever, besides how can you say what sounds better, it maybe to you but i love the sound of u87 and that definitely not new technology. i love the sm57 because they are reliable and you can use them for anything. if you know how to place the mic and not have too much phase issues then it will rock no matter what the mic. but i would say that if you want to record bass or anything low end get something that has a better response in the lower frequecies, i personally like the sennhieser e602 for kick drums. if you need more attack i've also put a audix d2 on the beater side pointed at the impact point.