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Thread Interference when recording on laptop???

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1 Interference when recording on laptop???
Hi all,

Im new to the forum so first of all Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me.....I am using Cubase sx3 and rying to record v drums and guitar through a m-audio firewire to my Laptop (HP pavillion zd 8000).

However whenever Iconnect th v - drums or guitar to laptop, I get a terrible inteference in the background, which sounds like an old computer game loading or mobile phone interfernce. However, i have switch all apliance of in flat, and have isolated the interference to the laptop. Anything plugged into the firewire or mic input of laptop and the interference starts. The v-drums, guitars, leads, m-audio are all functioning prfectly independently, so i thought it might be a setting on my laptop or something running in the background but cant work it out. If anyone knows the solution or can help in anyway, i would be very grateful.

you don't understand, your laptop gives you problems because of the way it was built.

its a serious hardware limitation that just can't be solved by a few touches here and there.

does it still have a warranty? because your best solution is to replace it with another one.
this behavior occurs on not correctly shielded laptops.

the energy that is dispersed through the motherboard's main bus interferes with the firewire interface.

the interference causes cracking/buzzing/humming noises that correspond to data being transferred on the firewire cable.

try connecting the m-audio to a different pc. if it works fine, then i'm afraid your laptop has shielding problems.
thanks for the info. have tried m-audio on other comp and its fine, i fear its my comp the problem. Any ideas on correcty shelding my laptop?

It might be the power, try running it off the battery. I have to do that with my ACER