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Thread Need advice on what to do as far as recording and some other stuff

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1 Need advice on what to do as far as recording and some other stuff
hey everyone lemme just break it down

im a rapper so basically all i need is a microphone and a few editting tips

im recording on cool edit pro

also using a Shure KSM27 w/ Pop Filter connected to mxl phantom power supply of 48v's i believe

and record in a closet

sound card is sound blaster audigy 2 zs

here are the "mastering" tips im takin on the vocals after i mix them down

[code]Step One: This is prolly the easiest step, and this is done in the MultiTrack view in cooledit...over where all the tracks are, right above where it says 'Track 1' (where most people put they beat), but above the volume and pan control and everything for that you should see three boxes above the tracks controls that say "Vol", "EQ", "Bus"........CLICK ON EQ!

Now, those controls where the volume and shit were beside each individual track should change. Now, we're gonna help you make a preset for your EQ, this is just a general preset, so it may not fit perfectly for you, so you can do some tweakin and everything to it later on to better suit your personal needs......anyways, beside Track 1 (next to the volume setting and everything) you should see three boxes ("H 0", "M 0", "L 0")...double click on any one of those three boxes (doesn't matter which one)..........

Now, when you do that, a new screen (that reads "Track Equalizers" up top) should pop up, and on this new screen you should see a diagram wit three white balls.....below that diagram you should see three horizontal slide bars (high, mid, low)...and just to the right of each of those bars you should see a box wit the numbers that each one of those bars are set to.....now,......beside the LO bar, type 160 into the box....beside MID, type in 2500, and beside HI type in 7000.......once you've done this Don't close this window yet.....

...now, after that's done, look to the top right of that screen and you should see three more slidin bars but these are vertical bars (still bein Hi, Mid, and Lo)......and below those bars should be a box for each one to type in the number for the settin there, like previously.....in the HI box, type in 4.0....in the MID box type in -2.4....and the LO, put 3.3....

......now those last three settings there (4.0, -2.4, 3.3)...those generally would apply to someone wit a normal tone voice...now if you have a deep voice, you may want to put the HI and the LO at like 1.2.....and if you have a high-pitched voice, you might instead wanna just raise the LO up to like 3.3-3.8, somethin like that, just to give your voice a lil depth.....................now when that's done you can close the window.

now..back in the multitrack view, beside Track 1 where the volume controls and everything are, you should now see that the "H", "M", "L" don't have numbers next to them anymore........and to save this preset, just above and to the right of that H, M, and L...you should see a lil button that says "EQ/A", press that button and when the lil window pops up click on the "ADD NEW" button and name it and save it.....now to come back again later and use that preset you just wanna right click on that "EQ/A" button and select your titled preset from the list next to whichever track you want to assign it to.

.....now, you're done wit that multitrack stuff...the rest would take place in the Waveform edit view.....

.......aight bein in the Waveform edit view (the view wit just a single wav in it---click View-->Waveform Edit)...now that you're there....click on the Effects up top, then click on Delay Effects-->Reverb.......and when you click on this a new window should open....now i'm just gonna run through this real quick.....
put in these settings:
Total reverb length=1000ms
Attack Time=60ms
High Frequency...=2500ms

Original signal (dry)=100%
Reverb (wet)=2%

.....now when you've put all those in...to the right you should see a preset list....and at the top you should see an "Add" button...click that and save this preset as Light Reverb.....then close the reverb window, goin back to Waveform edit view.

Step Three: Hard Limiting

.....go to Effects-->Amplitude-->Hard Limiting.....and a new window should pop up.....put these settings:

Limit Max Amplitude To: -6.5 dB
Boost Input By: 1.8 dB
Look Ahead Time: 7ms
Release Time: 100ms

....now, you can't save this as a preset or nothin...BUT, no matter if you turn you computer off, or close cool edit or what...this will always remain wit these settings, unless you go back and **** wit it...so, as long as you don't go back messin around wit it changin shit, these numbers will stay just how you put them in now.

Step Four: Dynamics Processing (Effects-->Amplitude-->Dynamics Processing)....go there, and the new window will pop up....this one is the hardest i think but just be patient and follow the steps here and it'll work out for ya....

...now, at the top of this new screen you should see 4 tabs up top (General, Traditional, Attack/Release, and Band Limiting)...click on the Traditional one...in this new screen you should see a column of 'sections'...there's one up top that should be in white, then there's ones followin wit 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 beside them....click on the circle beside the one wit 2 beside it.......now the very first box (above the 2 one, that doesn't have a number to the left of it)..click on that drop down menu and set it to 'Compress'...then the one that you clicked wit the 2 beside it...set that drop down menu to 'Expand'...
...now, next to those two boxes, to the right you should see two more boxes wit numbers in them and at the top it says "ratios".....in the box beside 'compress' put in 1.5.....then in the box beside 'expand' put in 1.1.....now, there should be one more white box to the very right of those that has 'dB' beside it on the right....in that box type in -40.7....

.....now we're done wit the traditional tab....now go to the top and click on the "Attack/Release" tab...

...aight in this window you notice it's divided into two parts, Gain Processor up top and Level Detector at the bottom....in the Gain Processor part make these settings:
Output Gain=6
Attack Time=1
Release Time=500

...now in the Level Detector part, put these settings:
Input Gain=0
Attack Time=0.5
Release Time=300

...now once you got those, below the Level Detector section you should see two "radio buttons", one that says RMS, and one that says Peak, make sure RMS is checked, and NOT PEAK!......then below that you see a box for "Look Ahead Time"...put 3 in there....and DON'T click the boxes for Noise Gatin and Create Envelope Only (just bullshit stuff)

.....now that you got all that...go up top and click on the "Band Limiting" tab....there's only two boxes there....beside 'Low Cutoff' put in 0....then for the High Cutoff put in 24000.....and now you're done wit this...go to the right and click on "Add" to save this preset (name it whatever you like).

Step Five: Graphic Equalizer..(Effects-->Filters-->Graphic Equalizer)......this one will be simple as hell....we can kinda cheat on it haha.....anyways, go there, and when the window pops up, first make sure that you're set on the tab that says "10 BANDS (1 OCTAVE)....

...now that ya in the right spot...down to the bottom left you should see a list of presets....scroll through that list and find the one that says "Vocal Presence (Boost)....click on that one, but DON'T hit OK.....now that you've done that....up top you should see a bunch of vertical sliding bars...find the one that says 2 above it, and then left click on the sliding piece on that bar (so the computer recognizes that you just wanna adjust that bar).....now once you've done that, below those bars you should see a couple of white boxes, one that says "GAIN".. and the other says "BAND"....in the one that says GAIN...put in the number 1.99 in that box.....then in the one that says BAND, make sure it says 2000Hz in that drop down menu.......and don't touch any of the other sliding bars....when you're done wit that, ADD it as a preset and you're done!!!!

And that's all there is to it.......

....now the way i usually do it (as far as order goes)....i do the noise reduction and silencing and shit like that.....then go back and apply the Hard Limiting preset we just made, then the Dynamics Processing one, then next add the Light Reverb to it, and then add the Graphic EQ preset......then when all that's done i normalize the whole wav (effects-->Amplitude-->Normalize)...i normalize it to 80%.....and that should get you some fairly good quality....now keep in mind, this may not work perfectly for EVERYBODY, like i said in the beginnin, each person has their own 'needs' when it comes to this stuff....but this should prove to be a pretty good "foundation"....just may need some tweakin or whatever dependin on your personal needs.....

...now there are alot of different mixing techniques people use (this is just what i do)....different people got their different things they do...this way i've showed you should be a failry good startin block for ya though...but don't be afraid to go out doin ya own thing, and workin wit it how you want to....the best two pieces of advice when it comes to mixin though....1) Experiment and 2) Keep it simple...you don't wanna overdo things cuz that could really **** it all up.[/code]
heres a sample of what it sounds like when its done


so any advice?

far as the mic,recording,sound card and any other thing you might seem to think suitable
15 views and no advice?

cmon people
you found your method, and results are very good!

what more advice could you want after what you posted?
preciate the feedback

but i just think it could be better

and a sidenote

im looking for some monitors you have any suggestions?
be happy wid tht man
i fink the only better ur gonna get is if u do it wid a proffesional lables studio tht get sold in hmv stores lol
soundin big keep it up