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Thread drum sampling ... good sound

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1 drum sampling ... good sound
Hi, I'm looking for anyone who uses DFH or Battery Studio drums to exchange opinions on creating a good drum sound. I want to get the best sound of sampled drums for my metal band. My room studio is not so big for the drumset and if it was I cannot find any doublekicking speed metal freak to do the job. I'm working with Cubase 4.
i use DFH2 a few times, maybe i could help.
Hello ra7or, I'm using DFH 1 and I don't know how to make the kickdrum sound like the finnish power metal bands. Do you know some good EQ presets? I'm also thinking of purchasing XLN Addictive Drums is it a good choice? And my final question, are you satisfied with DFH2? I heard it but it didn't impress me. Best regards.

personally, i found DFH2 not as flexible as reviews say it is, especially for metal IMHO it doesn't give that "wow" touch, while its more suitable for pop, rock and such...

a month ago i got my hands on DFH superior (9 dvds), and i must say that its WAY MORE complete and flexible than DFH2.

As for presets, sorry, i don't have any, i usually follow my ears.