Ibanez AW112
Ibanez AW112

AW112, 12 String Guitar from Ibanez in the Artwood series.

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4rdDResident 08/08/2005

Ibanez AW112 : 4rdDResident's user review


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The sound is excellent and it is not (because it is the first aspect that drives the purchase of a 12-string). The balance of diffrent frquences trs is good that plays mdiator or finger (attention has hurt dpart). Finally, the credit standard Confre an impressive volume (without being irritating).
As for the handle, it is trs robust (and at worst can rgler its curvature if he PForm. It's simple, in 3 years he did not move, the trs prs strings of his sleeve, but without curling.
Lutterie is impeccable and the important thing: the mcanique of cls 12 for strings irrprochable.
The body is truly massive, but does not play drang.


As with all 12 strings, you need the hands of loggers. Ncessite handle a high pressure of the fingers. Moreover you can abandon the ide to ring some agreements: eg try FM9 in barr THE FIRST cargo from .... I wish you good luck. If gnral, the bars are not emptied on a twelve string (especially if y 'finger extensions and more. Possde The handle 20 boxes, but from the 17 a becomes hard because of the body (but if we can put a finger ring)


It is the sound that makes the RVer 6-string player. We obtain without difficulty the sound of the songs that we are told "there m'faut a 12-string." It was the sound of the album "Forever Changes" by Love and old Genesis (ah ... Entangled, Nursery Crime).

Otherwise, the microphone jack gives trs good with a shure SM58 rsultat (more than the 57) and placement of micro DIFFERENT provides sound trs Different. I is not electrostatic micro, but I think that should be even better rsultat


For the price this is a must for those who want to try the 12-string.