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Berzin 06/12/2006

Ibanez F302 : Berzin's user review


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The F 302 is a twelve-string guitar factory, it seems, Japan. It is shaped dreadnought. His shield REPRESENTATIVES a butterfly flitting flowers. It is obviously inspired by the Gibson Hummingbird and Dove. The back key is made of two triangles that form a opposs paralllpipde. There is a thread that borders the key and a floral-inspired decor on the head. The top and back are a mutiple thread. The finish is neat, but I find the bridge a little too mundane. I do not know the woods utiliss because my copy is black lacquered. The key appears to be Rosewood.


The handle is quite enjoyable, but it is a twelve string: Songs with Chords in barr rptition require a good dose of motivation. Regarding Access in agus, there's no cutaway so it plutt bad. But only a twelve string is played rarely in the del Douzima box ... The instrument is basically like any self-respecting dreadnought. Small jigs will perhaps be a little grimace. The sound is enjoyable, with a balance correct, but the treble prdominent lgrement o (the principle of twelve strings). The mcaniques are good agreement, but I find it a bit hard (it may be the age) and no one extraordinary precision. It is quite heavy, but the shape and the head are a part.


This type of instrument provides a rel more when it comes to enrich a rhythm. The sound is full, round and not enough dnu teeth. In folk or rock to ballads and blues, it's pretty trs. Warning nanmoins, one is quickly limited technically: the arpges own well requires a certain concentration (the strings are hung quickly that we should not play) and it is pointless to play solos esprer virtuosos. But is not for a. I think that there must be twelve strings more comfortable, but probably also more Chres (Martin ..)


I use this guitar for a decade. It is an instrument INTERESTED, but limit the use and quickly tiring for the left hand. In this regard, it is suitable as a second guitar, but not as the primary, less to do only the rhythm and love the sport. Factory 1978 1983, rating it between 250 and 350 Euros. This is a reasonable price for those who want a twelve string, because the finish is nice and the design robust enough.