Audiophony XS 2
Audiophony XS 2

XS 2, 2-Channel Mixer from Audiophony.

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flomo 10/06/2004

Audiophony XS 2 : flomo's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Rather trivial:

- 1 x RCA Master
- 2 phono RCA
- Line 2 inputs RCA
- Jack from a micro
- A Headphone Jack between
- 2 fader start jack and start a b (ch in. Why this)

- 2 vertical faders
- A horizontal crossfadeur


- Tr simple of Use
- The crossfadeur trs is flexible, strong and it's been 1year I do with the stretch-and still not break anything to say about that.
- For the view of two strips of LED can choose either been released master in Stereo, or foncontion cue, one per output or platinum band (the one I use)

The -
- It is a bit small to play with two vertical faders (stretch-in) I find it dja get to swap the buttons above (phono and line), but good AC that happen 2 or 3 times , making sure we forget this -


The -
- Lack the mdiums but for 99 euros you can go to lux.
- We wait a lil breath on top in addition to the amp.
(Test done with no source of input branch "branch to the non-platinum mixer" amp and a bottom volume of the mixer thoroughly)

But otherwise normal use of this breath is inaudible.


It's been 1year I use it with technics M3D and I mix hip hop ragga rnb and it matches well to that.

It's really a good value table trs quality award, which is not fragile hold out strong with buttons and also a flexible crossfadeur I like.

Compared to the same range of gemini table I suggest you really AudioPhony because some friends who had and did not last long with and when they come in tat moii mine are surprised at the quality of this one for the price.

If I had to buy another I would take such a range suprieur vestax but the era I did not have the budget and I will not regret took the XS-2.